My name is Willy Muturi, CEO Willy Muturi Photography


  1. Where did the passion for wedding photography begin?

The passion for photography began in 2013 after I shooting many weddings in Nairobi. I desired to go against the norm and create great memories for couples to remember their big day. I enjoyed being part of their journey and I am always humbled to be there when their new paths of life begins.

  1. What is the one thing that you would like to change in Kenya’s wedding photography?

I desire to add a lot of humor and creativity in my photos. I am also keen in bringing out the personalities of each couple through the photos I create.

  1. Why do you think that wedding photography in Kenya so expensive?

Well, Wedding in Kenya has been infiltrated by all sorts of rogue photographers who have made the genuine ones not to be trusted. At the same time, a lot of time, skill as well as equipment has been invested by other photographers to do what they do. Consequently, this has pushed the prices up. Great photography isn’t necessarily expensive but it all depends on the couple’s mindset.

  1. What are the price range if a couple wants you as their photographer?

My prices range from 70,000-90,000


5.What are the three real questions that a couple should ask before a couple says yes to a photographer

Show me some of your best work

Whats your style of photography?

What’s unique about your style?

6. Talking of a unique style, what is your photography style?

I create pictures. Not just taking them. There’s always a creative process, wither physically or mentally for me to achieve any image.

7.   What are some of the ‘cardinal sins’ that Kenyan photographers commit?

Photographers taking too long to deliver.

Refusing to grow and try out new things

Lack of providing value for money.

8.What are some of the aspects that make clients come back to you?

I ensure that my clients have high quality products on time as well as great customer service.

9. One crazy moment you’ve had with a couple

I had a bride who was super fun to work with. We ate in one plate during her make up which was awesome and continued shooting.

10. Advice to couples

Kindly invest well in both photography and video. They are your life time memories that you will carry home.



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