Get some ice cubes coz your heart is about to melt at all this cuteness! Baby Jayden is here! and he can dance at 2 months….don’t believe me??dance at 2 months….don’t believe me??baby 1

Meet baby Jayden. A handsome young lad. New to the world. As handsome as his photographer.

baby 2

We kick off the shoot with some ODI DANCE…..He can give us all some lessons.

baby 1

I am personally attached to this boy because he calls me uncle. (well he will when he eventually learns how to talk)

baby 4

Those lips!!!! Pink and cute! To all mothers of younger girls….we are looking after this boychild for you!

baby 3

So at this point, he’s thinking about his future…kujipanga mapema.

baby 5

He can dance alright, but it’s a bit of a struggle to move around. He crawls slowly but surely.

baby 6



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