Sagana Resort played host to an awesome union between a beautiful Liz and one strong and handsome Mureithi. As usual, we came through and since we are veeeeeery nice people, we have decided to share the fun with you. Click in…..

helen 1

She couldn’t wait all night to jump into that dress.

helen 2

The rings had to ride in style. Wooden finish and engraved words made it look like a million dollars. But wait… Maybe it is…

helen 3

Udaku nayo! Kumbe Ata it’s not only Mureithi who couldn’t wait to see the bride?

helen 5

Meanwhile Liz was busy trying out her new make up.

helen 6

So she was done and Samantha the make up artist ensures that the make up is well taken protected.

helen 7

The girls thought they could sing…. Now y’all know I had to crop the legs off. We don’t want to see ‘miguu-na miguu-na’.

helen 8

Then Liz had a message to pass on to a very anxious Mureithi on the other side. She assured him all was well and that the girls needed more time for photos

helen 9

A pillow fight ensued and all I could worry about was the make up!! Na vile waliiraukia. But these girls spared no fun.

helen 10

Pretty face. Many magical hands have everything to do with it.

helen 11

If you came for the kiss… Pole. Such is life!

helen 12

Mureithi and Liz in full glory.

helen 13


helen 15

If you have such a crazy bridal party, what about the wedding party itself

helen 18

Sun sets and Sagana could never be so golden.

helen 16

Little did we know that darkness was in a hurry to kick in… Lakini sisi Nani!!!

helen 19

All in all it was a fun day. Ending with roses in the air and a lot of YAAAAAAAYYYYY! congratulations to these young souls. May they grow old and Grey… Key word is TOGETHER.











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