When Daddy and Son are planning a proposal to mommy….Once upon a time…..

Meet Denis, Negara and Christian. A young close knit family in Kenya.

negara 1

Christian has for a long time been the custodian of the ring Daddy bought for the marriage proposal they have been planning. So he wrote down where he hid the ring, just in case he forgets. 

negara 2

negara 3

So as he was busy looking for a spot to hide the ring, till the time is right…the worst happens!…

negara r

He meets both mum and dad! And they go…”Honey, what are you hiding?”

negara 5

Clearly that was the right time, so he gave Dad his blessings and Denis took advantage of the moment and went down on one knee….

negara 6

Look mum! I have been keeping this for dad, and it’s safe! Please say yes….

negara 7
I love you two. And my answer is YES!

negara 10

Group hug!

negara 9

And a picture for the moment.

negara 11

The kissing is PG, Christian gave them some privacy

negara 12

Jeez, Mr.Photographer, Are they not done yet?!

negara 14

And Denis has one guy to thank for the plans and dedication….These two are very close buddies.

negara 17

negara 15

Christian grew up to be very powerful in the corporate world, his planning skills took him to greater heights in his career.

negara 16

Negara bakes the best cakes in town….well that changed, she now cooks the best cakes in the region!


Denis went on to be very wealthy and he loved his family to bits. He continued to inspire his son(s) in the business world.

negara 9

Christian got more brothers and sisters and the family grew to two parents and like fifteen kids!! hahah…(I’m just messing with you Denis & Negara, don’t shoot me)

negara 13

Denis and Negara officially…..this December 2017.— and we can’t wait!!!


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