When things go from 100 to 0 so fast. The bridal party spins out of control!!! Led by a very energetic Denis & Negara (Did I mention that I love that name?)

negara 1

Negara walks in to find the boys are not ready for the reception!!! She turned from bride to Madea pap!

negara 2

The girls were no good either, they even confused our bride…what to do?!

negara 3

Groom Denis came in. he pretended to be drinking but the bottle was empty, he just wanted to be held by Negara!

negara 5

Originally,this is what we were supposed to do.

negara 6

These girls kept calm and took directions accurately, results…..

negara 7

Treat this pose with the ‘seriousness’ it deserves.

negara 8

The day had in the morning started on a high.

negara 9

Don’t we all dream of this moment?

negara 10

Green black and white are the colors of love in this picture.

negara 11

True meaning of a ‘kiss that blew away’.

negara 12

Not to forget Christian , the young lad who was quite smart during the proposal…remember the story?

negara 13

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Okumu!


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