Our bride for today is Julia. Julia for those of us who know her know she laughs heartily & Contagiously. In an event put together so beautifully, Bernard puts a ring on it as they await a new kind of blessings…*wink*wink*

jule 1

Julia & Bernard. Two personalities that are so different yet so compatible. Proceed I’ll fill you in..

jule 2

Classic man, classic picture.

jule 3

And Julia does not hold back when she wants some love from Bernard.

jule 4

And because she was carrying a very delicate ‘package’ the shoes had to be comfortable.

jule 5

Speaking of comfort, did I say they rode in an s-class Merc?

jule 6

The ambiance on the inside spelt CLASS.

jule 7

Apa nikipewa tu mboga….namaliza hii ugali.

jule 8

Decor looked like a piece of heaven in Nairobi.

jule 10

And Julia never disappointed. She rocked those photos like she was made for it.

jule 11

I love how silhouettes use little light but bring out the inner most emotions.

jule 12

Moments before she got a kiss on the forehead. Assurance.

jule 13

We wish you all the best Julia & Bernard.

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