Which of you Bride-to-be’s would settle for these theme colors and rock them like this couple did? GREEN and MUSTARD could never look more beautiful than this…

anne 2

Who would have thought that Green and Mustard would blend in so nicely? Guys stay out of the comments on this one, ata hamjui mustard ni gani.

anne 3

So I’m busy taking pics and Richard bounces in without consulting me….si the girls had to come through and fight him?

anne 5

Then the men in green bespoke suits walk in. Seriousness wameweka kando.

 anne 7

They tried flying but I can assure you…nobody took off…

anne 6

The divine look!

anne 8

Richard gets a peck and the smile is so wide….

 anne 9
Sister love…

anne 10

You know the dancing that took place is no joke if you see the dress that way.






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