Today Ken defines for us the meaning of ‘classic’ love. That oldskool gentleman kind of love towards his lady, one elegant Rosemary…. This Feb, these two who came from way back, take a big step towards a new future. TOGETHER.

ken 1

All I did was take pictures!

ken 2

Ken keeps on insisting that he’s not a ‘suit guy’. Trust Rose to bring that ‘suitness’ in him out. Doesn’t he fit the bill?

ken 3

They both have their own styles.

ken 4

Each of them being a lil reserved but bold.

ken 5

But the moment these two touch, magical emotions ensue.

ken 6

Trust Ken to make a very bold Rose melt. He made her shed tears at the proposal!! Awesome!

ken 7

They both believe in their own USHAMBA. They embrace it and make it seem so fun. They never forget their roots.

ken 8

So when it came a time for Ken to show Rose where he comes from, Ken took advantage, and took us to these beautiful view.

ken 9

The landscape spelt everything about Serenity, Freshness and soft cooling winds.

ken 10

And the look on Rose’s face is enough caption for this picture.

ken 10

Within no time, Rosy felt comfortable and at home. She embraced her new home.

 ken 11

 I had to put this picture for all those who thought my jokes are stale! see! Someone who finally gets them! heheh

            ken 12
So the walk to their new life begins….Let’s wish them all the very best.

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