In this wedding…there is a friendly and unofficial competition among the boyz and girls bridal party on who will ace the photo-shoot….Who do you think won? Ragai weds Herine in a wedding you can only experience…not watch

ragai 1

Even when an argument ensues mid into the journey, a true gentleman knows his lady….He knows just what to do….even if it means stopping the car and doing what it takes.

So the boyz kick off the shoot with a relaxed pose. No pressures..but….

ragai 2


Herine’s girls mean business!! They quickly got into position and made Herine look like a godess. Pressure is on!!
ragai 3
Ragai’s boyz now became serious…they had no choice. Though a bit lazy, they maintained their positions, but posed with their minds and hearts.
ragai 4

The day closes off with a romantic Evans giving his wife a shoulder to lean on. Isn’t that what we all need? I thank them for letting me be part of this action.

ragai 5

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