Nothing comes close to my relationship with my favorite girls…My wife my two daughters. NOTHING

gal 1

She gives me her blessings, and at that moment, being a dad makes me one determined man

gal 2

 We love photos, as a family, we just can’t have enough
gal 3
How many can you see? 99% of you will fail.
gal 4

Guys who have done this before, isn’t it a tingly feeling when you feel the baby move in the belly?

gal 5

Hailey has a way of lightening up everyone around her. She’s such a sweetheart.

gal 6

Spot the real vs the fake…99% of you will fail.

gal 7

Who knew denim would look so fresh years after it was invented?

gal 8

We can’t contain our excitement!

gal 10

Take this mama….take it to my unborn daughter.

gal 11

Hazel loves pictures too! She had to dress up as well.

gal 12

Diva had to roll her eyes before she could pose for the photographer…aki hii kazi ni ngumu!

          gal 9

Take this mama….take it to my unborn daughter.

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