When my mjengo guy asked me how he will propose to his girlfriend…I told him ”Just go out there and do you!” He did not disappoint…

mjengo 14

On this day he decides to buy all of Kateland‘s groceries so that she could be free for the rest of the afternoon…SHARP GUY!! he spends all his earnings…for the ultimate prize!

mjengo 2

At first, anajifanya modest. He says he loves fruits. lakini hakulangi sana….(people who know his appetite kindly comment below)

mjengo 3

Kumbe he just wants stories all day with Kateland. So he spends his little coins on every grocery apo. Kijana hashibi!!!

mjengo 30

A romantic Josiah even offers his crush a bite of some nyanya. Ice-cream date ni wewe!

mjengo 5

Problem comes in…Fruits zimeishaa. So what does he do to maintain the conversation? I believe the picture speaks for itself…twende kazi!

mjengo 6

Josiah is like ”Ata izi vituguu ni musuri ssana. tunakuraga zote. Kwanza hizi zinaongeza damu!” Mwanaume ni kukausha. Can’t imagine his breath after this.

mjengo 8

And finally, after all is said (AND EATEN), he pops the question in the best way he could. My problem is not the avocado…it’s the response….

mjengo 9

”WOOIIII GAI FAFA!!”  That’s Spanish for ”I do”.

mjengo 10

So are you joining us on the 5th May or not?

mjengo 11

I present to you Josiah & Kateland.

mjengo 12

From rags to riches. But the key word here is ”Together”.

mjengo 13  This has to be their first car. Btw it’s for hire…call me I link you up.

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