Anyways, now that I have your attention,I thought I had seen it all, until I heard actually how these two met, And it makes me think about the SGR twice….! twende kazi…

kun 1

Laptops and firewood haven’t been in one place until Koen (pronounced ‘Kun’) and Annabel met.
kun 2
Koen loved to explore, even though he was in the country for other reasons.
kun 3
He never put his camera down and took photos of everything, and everyone. (He even took photos of me during this shoot!) RIP Job security.
kun 4
He was in the country to study the railway which was built by his Great, Great (Great) (Cos)(Sin) x20″‘ Grandfather.

Watu wa Maths salimikeni.

kun 5
He is even the one who discovered selfies! true story, ask your history teacher.

 kun 6
Annabel was a chilled out village girl. (still is) hhahah….I swear she will kill me when she reads this…lol!
kun 8
She loved photos too…but too bad there were no cellphones by then…
kun 9
So on this day, She is collecting firewood in the nearby bushes…humming to Kamande wa Kioi’s ”Karanga chapoo”kun 10
Then she hears strange noises from dry leaves in the bushes…
kun 11
Akashutuka MA! Something was definitely not right…(my Swahili Teacher Mr Githinji please don’t read this caption..hit next)

 kun 12
The Nyeri blood in her was boiling. She was READY for ANYTHING! African girls know how to take care of themselves….
kun 13
She identified the intruder and almost planted a kuni on Koen’s head. I as the photographer of the story line had to save the boyshaod!

 kun 14
So he grabbed his translation book fast and found the word ”Pole” and ”usinichape” somewhere in there. He even found the words ”Sina ngori”! Smart guy eeh?
kun 15
So He asked to be shown around since he was lost into the bushes. And a gentleman in the village should carry firewood for the girl. He obliged.
kun 16
 Anabel gave Koen a good induction of the area, pointing out to the No-go Zones.

 kun 17

She was one lady who wanted to know everything, including how to take nice photos like Willy Muturi.Koen offered some free lessons.

 kun 18

Ofcourse she never got as good as Willy Muturi but it was enough to preserve their memories…
(Mi hua siringi. I don’t brag about my award for wedding photographer of the year 2018. I don’t) Cha muhimu ni uhai.

 kun 19

Within no time, these two are growing fond of each other.

kun 20

And off they went. Annabel couldn’t wait to introduce her new friend to her mom.

kun 21
Years on he has never kept his eyes off her.
kun 22
 Koen and Annebel are inseparable.
kun 23
Their sense of fashion is international traditional.



kun 24

Good things coming soon…Keep it here. I gatchyu! *wink*

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