Football aside, what other things would happen if Ghana and Kenya met? Ask Teresia from Kenya and Edward from Ghana…

edu 2

The day would start as all other days start, A prayer with their little daughter.

edu 3

Then a cup of HOT coffee, (and perhaps two Samosa Miaus)

edu 4

Slay a little in your white gown and then.
edu 5
Then walk into your wedding elegantly, like a princess…scratch that…like a queen!
edu 6
Then She would drive into the venue in a white beast. Range rover Lovers hit like! Nimeweka yangu.
edu 7
And since you have both left feet, you make sure your best man does not. He’ll ensure at least you make steps on beat. Former best men hit like!!
edu 8
In this unforgiving July weather, Ponchos would come in handy.
edu 9
The little ones don’t care though, they came for a good time, and sure they will get it!

edu 10

In comes the lady of the day, accompanied by both the parents.

edu 11
Edward and the guys can’t stop staring. And the cheer Teresia as she walks down the isle.
edu 12
Parents are usually happy, but the smiles here depict much more than just utter happiness. This is JOY.

edu 13

And the songs of praises ensued…

edu 14
In a short bit, it’s done, we are now Mr & Mrs.
edu 15
Teresia would take a pic by the cake because yes, it was that AWESOME!
edu 16
Edward couldn’t wait to jump in. But he knew better than to photo-bomb. Smart!
edu 17
 The guys almost ruined our day when they almost attacked the cake. Teresia just said two words… JARIBU UONE!
 edu 18

Bouquets, cakes, chandeliers, ponchos, beautiful faces and souls…all in one picture..

edu 20
So that’s what would happen if Kenya and Ghana met. Football ikitushinda, tupendane bas.

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