So a quick bet was made,who’s the better cyclist…is it Ed, or Esther

esther 7

Esther and Edward both Love cycling. But their competitive spirits this time won’t let them be…

esther 5

It was all systems go with a proud Ed jeering on a determined Esther. Madharau ndogondogo. On your marks !!

esther 4

What do we know…kumbe Ed had it in him..but his victory was short lived.

esther 6

Let’s just say Pride comes before a fall….a good fall in this case..

esther 8
Ed and the ground met without consulting Esther.. Is it me ama there’s a shoe in the air?

esther 9

The caring sweetheart Esther has always been rushed to the rescue..
esther 10
As she fumbled with the box, shortly, she was about to realize that ”She will know she doesn’t know”…”atajua hajui”
esther 11
There it was! All this time Ed had choreographed everything to detail…including what side the tree leaves would swing.

esther 12         Quickly he went down on one knee the good old gentleman way. Ata kama ni wewe Esther…ungedo?

esther 13

Issa deal…..True definition of FALLING IN LOVE…..or is it FALLING FOR LOVE?

esther 14

April here we come!!!

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