Even many years after John Gitau and his sweetheart Damaris have built their own empire together, He reminded her that he would choose her over and over….and over…and over…Now three kids later (and even in future 10 more kids later.) This lovely family continues to bask in God’s blessings.

john 1

john 2

Earlier in the day

john 5

I know we all love this photo…but could you go a bit lower and see those little kids…?? Doesn’t that make you melt?


The boyz had elegance written all over (especially their shoes)

john 6

These Gitau’s taking a casual stroll. Shiro the little girl is like the firstborn….her brothers are at her command. She Reminds me of my sister! haha…

john 7

It rained cats and dogs…but then again, how do you expect to be kissed in the rain without rain?

john 9

The rain came with its own energy pack, anyone who dared touch a drop couldn’t stop dancing. Including me, the photographer

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