A wedding with everything in abundance….the bridal party, the guests, the rain and readers of this post, not to forget blessings too…Here’s how it went…

 michael 3
So it was time to play and the girls couldn’t contain their excitement.
michael 4
They sang songs of praise to an already blushing Marj.  (I promise you their voices were not the best…lol..sorry ladies)
    michael 5
We all need our moments to shine.
michael 2
Final touches before the big reveal
michael 11
Dari restaurant was host to our daytime photo-session.
michael 12
Dress yetu kabla tuichafue kwa reception. Brides to be…take a snapshot and send your designer pap!
Or tag them.
michael 14
Draw a line in the middle of this pic. You have two equal halves.

michael 13
You need men, real loyal men to be by your side…and to the groomsmen in this picture we say…”AAHOO!!”
michael 6
Crowne Plaza offered an exquisite venue for some lovely evening shots.
michael 17
And Marj simply couldn’t stop feeling herself.

michael 9

Kumbe there’s such things as being a gentle girl?? Marj treated Michael to a random serenade session. Poor guy had to strike a balance between blushing and looking cool.

michael 10

 Grand Piano, Grand Bride….(and grand Photographer)

michael 8

Reflections of how blissful the moment was..

 Mymichael 16
Michael and Marjorie have been together for a long time. This beautiful wedding is a well deserved start of their journey…officially.

michael 15
Rain or no rain, cold or no cold, I shall remain your knight. Mr & Mrs Kabari March 2018.

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