What happens when you want to kiss your wife, but your son is staring at you? Story of Zulekha Ummu & Mbugua…

zuleka 1

Mr Mbugua has always wanted to give a kiss to his lovely wife Zulekha….but Ahyl, their son, never let them…so today he sought permission.

zuleka 3

But Ahyl is Cheeky, you and I know he was just taking them for a ride…

zuleka 2

zuleka 5

They edged closer and closer…

zuleka 6

In the nick of time, he STOPPED mum! He said not until they first watch a movie and play games together…a deal was made.

zuleka 7

So the three walked beating stories and laughing together to the venue of family bonding…

zuleka 9

zuleka 8

zuleka 10

zuleka 12

zuleka 11

The kiss never happened that night, but the good news…it will happen…OFFICIALLY on their wedding on 1st December 2017.

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