The journey to Kasabunyu that ended rather peculiar….A love story of a traveler and a train pilot. Long time ago, before SGR was a thing…

nyagah 1

Nyagah & Wanjira Met under very peculiar circumstances. Love Found them they were not looking for it.

nyagah 2

On a normal day, Nyagah is a happy chap. Spreads happiness among all his friends and anyone who is in contact with him.

nyagah 3

Wanje on the other hand is an experienced train pilot plying the Wakanda to Kasabuyu route every week. Including this special one.
nyagah 4
Beneath all that engineering knowledge lies a beautiful and shy lady whom in the next few slides is going to charm one confused traveler.
nyagah 5
On this particular day, Nyagah is taking the train for the first time after he had heard the name Kasabunyu all over the radio. So on his way there, he got lost at the station.
nyagah 6
Till this very eloquent, bold, beautiful, well dressed, independent woman comes in the rescue for poor Nyaga. The guy was just staring. I doubt kuna kitu alishika….

nyagah 7
So Nyagah rushed to the waiting lounge and pulled out his favorite read.
nyagah 8
Till he noticed his crush walking in in all her majesty…

nyagah 9
WALALALALALALALAL!!!! (insert Tricky’s voice)
Nyagah was beyond words! His prayers were answered even before he could get on his knees.

nyagah 10
So she sits directly across and she is on Willy Muturi Photography’s page reading other love stories and laughing about. As she waits for her shift at work.

 nyagah 11
Wanje Wanjira is busy liking and commenting on the avocado story. Meanwhile Nyagah amejiita kamkutano. STRATEGY!

nyagah 12

We both know he’s not reading anything. He even forgot to put the newspaper upright. Kuchungulia tuu ndo zake.

nyagah 13
So when it’s time to board, He sees an opportunity to rush and show his gentleman side. They both board the train.

nyagah 14
So I managed to take this shot right before they leave. This was after he had introduced himself, the story continues…

nyagah 15      Nyaga & Wanje 12th May. You owe us the other half of this story!

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