Aki I was supposed to post these pics tomorrow but I can’t contain my excitement. Cynthia and Laban are very TALL! So for their wedding, I’m shopping for a ladder..

cynthia 1

Cynthia and Laban are quite a lovely pair.

cynthia 2

Ushamba is their mid name but…. They OWN it!

cynthia 3

I admire their sense of fashion. (Bae we should do this!)

cynthia 4

Love their height. Those who know them know what I’m talking about.

cynthia 5

Someone got lucky 🍀. Alafu anajifanya hakuwa anataka.
cynthia 6
 So my peeps….I’ll serve you with a story of how they met. In the meantime, feast on these pics. We are preparing something for you.

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