cave 2

Binita is a real beauty. She is a woman of many talents, beauty and brains.

cave 3

Underneath all that beauty, she loves the outdoors. So one day in the mountains as she is hiking, fate happened at the least moment

cave 4

She trips as she tries reaching out to another rock. Alinguka kukuku!…(I hope my Kiswahili teacher does not read this)

cave 5

Poor girl was in pain. Her leg was hit hard by a blunt rock. Aki woiyee…rangi ya thao….

cave 6

As she cries in pain heaving her body to a safer shade…out of nowhere. This ‘thing’ appears. Is it an animal? A person? A thing?

cave 7

Binita grabbed her stuff and hug them tight in fear, as this caveman weirdly sniffs her long hair.

cave 8

Shortly, we discover, kumbe hana ubaya?! Kumbe he has a heart? So he quickly grabs herbs and rubs them against Binita’s wound. Miti ni dawa!

cave 9

In a short time these two get along quick. Thanks to Binita’s knowledge on evolution of man, she can speak CAVE (usiniulize iyo ni lugha gani!)

cave 1

Do these things happen in real life ama ni kwa movie pekee? CAVEMAN CHRONICLES…

cave 10

So Binita set to bring this guy to town and clean him up. She even named him Kavit.

cave 11

Though a fast learner, Kavit was confused by everything in Town. Matatus, roads, cars, people, everything. So chapaing rounds in town was hectic. Binita didn’t mind though.

cave 12

These two grew very fond of each other. They had so much fun anywhere, everywhere, anytime.

cave 13

Kavit became an accountant soon enough after intense schooling. He took Binita to awesome places and bought Binita the most expensive gifts he could put his hands on.

cave 14

On this particular day, Kavit was feeling a lil ambitious. So he realized there’s no way Binita could say No after all the moments shared. Alipata ndivyo sivyo…

cave 15

Mwanaume ni kujichocha! My guy never gave up. He lived to propose another day.

cave 16

One day when the time was right, the venue and everything was well planned….at the peak of mount Kenya, Binita had no choice…

cave 30

She said YES!

cave 18

Many years before and after their wedding, hiking and traveling the world together became like a religion. Kavit & Binita will make it official this April. Are you invited? Mi ndo nangoja kainvite tuu apa.       cave 19      Kavo & Binita April 2018…twende kazi!

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