MOET was raining! The ladies helped themselves to a good serving.

moet 1

She knew she couldn’t let this young girl fight for that bouquet. So she was given her own special bouquet in form of a kiss.

moet 2

Marion of Marion bridal Hair did not spare any spray…

moet 3

Twins having some twin smiles. The girl has more energy though.

moet 4

Chris says his vows…
moet 6
A blushing Christine takes it all in and keeps calm..The make up is ON POINT!!
moet 7
Pen to paper.
moet 8
Sawela Lodge was painted in all colors of love..
moet 9
That kiss that blows your mind away…or is it your veil?
moet 10
Candid shots on that reminiscing moment
moet 11
CHRIS AND CHRISTINE right after 2017 CHRISTMAS….(I should’ve been a rapper)
moet 12
 Our bride had spent sleepless days in the gym just to fit in this gown. Didn’t that pay off handsomely?
 moet 13


 moet 14
Meanwhile the MC one Robert Burale was keeping guests busy.
moet 15
 Tables set for kings and queens guests to dine.
 moet 16
When the champagne rides in more style than you….#champagne kapanda baiskeli. (insert Mr.Nice Voice)

First dance doesn’t get any better, feet have no roles…all you need is a loving heart and rythm. The rest will bring itself.

 moet 17

Signing off as we walk to bid our guests good bye….

moet 18

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