The Swahili traditional wedding is punctuated by rich cultural practices and colorful patterns. This one for Mbugua and Zulekha was no different…

mbugua 1

Even the littlest of details mattered

mbugua 2

Culture was adhered to the last bit.

mbugua 3

He takes a last peep to ensure everything was ready for his bride…

mbugua 6

We turned a corporate lady to a supermodel…

mbugua 9

Green and Gold blend so well, don’t you think so?

mbugua 4

On the other end, Zulekha ensures she takes a few last shots before she walks down that aisle.

mbugua 11

All those carefully chosen beautiful scents

mbugua 7

Embrace being a lady, enjoy all the different feelings and emotions that are part of it. Especially on this special day.mbugua 10

Mum pops in to give her blessings and we stumble on this candid shot…

mbugua 12

Aahyl walks in to give blessings to his mom.

mbugua 13

And the queen is ready.

mbugua 14

Take two mbugua 15

Take three

mbugua 16

Take four

mbugua 17

The image with lots of royalty written all over it.

mbugua 19

When vows alone are not enough….you add some more from the heart.

mbugua 18

Candid shot again after the signing of the certificate….

mbugua 20

First dance has never been this magical.

mbugua 21

Flora and fauna gave way to this amazing duo as they chart a new path in their lives….

We wish the Mbuguas a happy ever after…such an awesome duo

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