These two complement each other in so many ways. For those who don’t know, forever looks like this

eddy 1

At this point, Eddy is a welcome photobomber.

eddy 2

That dress!! Woooooooaaaahhhh!

eddy 3

Look at them two lovebirds completely Blushing from each other!

eddy 4

Ladies is this coral or pink? I’m just a guy. Forgive me.

eddy 5

The no Norfolk offered well manicured lawns and a bench I like to call the bench of love.

eddy 6

It was supposed to be a nice smiling photo. But these ladies could not contain themselves. There were jokers, laughers and one Lover!

eddy 9


eddy 8

eddy 7

The day would end in a well prepared suite.

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