When our praise and worship leader fell in love with our church’s Kanda ya Mooko (Translation:Person of hands😂). Story of Josephine and Stanley.

josephine 1

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness…and all other things (including a husband) shall be added unto you. Ask Josephine…

stanely 2

Stanley had for a long time in our Church been the guy who looks after the church when we are not there. Cool guy. Smiled a lot.

stanely 3

Josephine was the songstress in our church. She led in praise and worship and used to remain behind when church is over so that she could do practice.

stanely 4

And this particular day, she was sank in the spirit, and Stanley couldn’t help noticing how much she had passion.
 stanely 6
Something about her was so unique from all the slay-queens he knew before. Was it her beauty? her voice? her relationship with her maker? At this point he couldn’t figure it out yet
stanely 7
Even as he struggled to continue with his work, he just couldn’t keep his eyes off Josephine.
stanely 11
So he also got carried away,(thanks to Josephine), and he found himself singing to the chorus ”Uabudiwe”. He grabbed a guitar and the duet ensued.
stanely 9
Josephine didn’t mind at all. They both sounded so good together. It caught her by surprise.
stanely 12
And that day the sang for God like they had never done before. They sang with their hearts.

stanely 8
And little by little, it drew them closer.

NB: I did not say Stanley had a good voice. (hehe..Stanley pole when you read this)

stanely 13
And it is this closeness that saw them spend a lot of time together in the following weeks and months.

stanely 14

Stanley always gave Josephine these eyes of very sincere love. Josephine was basking in all the attention she got. Who wouldn’t?

stanely 15
He even wanted to be a writer, and he always shared his ideas with Josephine. From the photos you can tell she just loved them. She couldn’t get enough of Stan’s funny lines.

stanely 16It was official. Stanley and Josephine were in love. a case of meeting the right person at the right time, (God’s time) and the right place.stanely 18
Soon enough, God had blessed them and it was time to move to the next stage of their lives.

stanely 17

They were so on love. if you don’t believe me look at that picture again. You don’t see that big love sign between them? Ama it’s just me?

stanely 19

So today, they are back where it all started. They never forgot to come back to our local humble church, and pray for their union. Their upcoming wedding.

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