For some of us weddings are the happiest days of our lives. And that was exactly what it was for Wanje & Nyagah. But I made an interesting observation on this one, let’s dive into it…

wanje 3

Is it because the decor was going to have the freshest white roses she had seen?

wanje 5

Is it because She hadn’t envisioned how the walk down the aisle was going to have mom and dad cheering you all the way?

wanje 4

Is it because Nyagah was struggling to hold back a tear as she walked down the isle?

wanje 1

Wanje couldn’t hold it in. SHE CRIED HER HEART OUT. But why?

wanje 6Perhaps she knew that once the certificates were signed, she could now wear the tag Mrs Nyagah confidently.

wanje 7

or maybe it’s that new way of ”You may now Gota with the bride”.

 wanje 12

That being said,  Mcee Headboy Swung into action and rocked that crowd.

wanje 13

 Shortly after We rushed to the photosession venue. In style. Limo ni wewe!
wanje 10
Maybe She probably couldn’t wait to flash those rings at the photographer atop a BMW X6 next to her HUSBAND.Wanje was thinking about this part of the photo-session? (which I totally enjoyed by the way.
wanje 9
Maybe she couldn’t wait to celebrate the moment with her bridal party…I asked everyone to smile and the Mini-coopers smiled too!!
wanje 21
Ama Mercy of pearls and Roses Decor simply outdid herself?
wanje 14
And on arriving back, the table was set up for Kings and Queens..
wanje 15

Meanwhile guests were left to a good cocktail treat amid soft music under a soothing shade and relaxing breeze.

wanje 16
Then dancing time came…..(where normally I don’t participate because I WAS BORN WITH TWO LEFT FEET)
wanje 17
Chama cha miguu ya Kushoto Pekee yake.
wanje 2

Is it because she knew the photobooth setup pictures were going to be bomb?

wanje 19

And when it got cold, Nyaga alicheza kama yeye. He’s a gentleman. (I taught him everything he knows..lol!)

wanje 18

He touches his ring and looks at his bride. His facial expression explains best his feeling.

wanje 20

They vow to protect their love. Forever.



















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