After a day packed with loads of energy. Edward and Naitetu become Mr & Mrs. One sunny Sunday that is like no other. (Remember the guy that proposed while bicycle hiking?)

love 1

That ka-feeling you get after you hear…”you are now Mr & Mrs”. Fly away you love birds

love 2

I want to see their reaction when they see this picture 50 years from today. (2018)

love 3

The situation in the morning.

love 4

Tetu in all her glory.

love 30

Edu was behind the scenes. but the urge to rush in and embrace his bride couldn’t let him be.

love 6

Neema Mutheu wherever you are, I wanted you to know that you are awesome. Anyone who attended this wedding knows the kind of decor she laid out.

love 7

Girl power…

love 8

The boyz look all dapper love 9

Wish you all the best Mr and Mrs. Njiru

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