I felt a cold breeze run through my spine. All of a sudden the whole ball room went crazy and people started cheering at me. My table mates were shouting so loud it was almost scary. Great icons, people I respected even without meeting me smiled gleefully as they escorted me on stage with cheerful applause. I felt like a celebrity. I felt famous. I felt good. I felt like a winner.


I had a little speech prepared in my mind. I thought of starting with a joke of how I would thank my cameras, memory cards…

But the speech got lost in between the journey from my seat to the front. It was a long walk. I had planned to dance all the way but both my left feet wouldn’t let me. Besides, how do you dance to rock music while walking?



the nomination was really fun for me. It was the hardest category being that it had the most nominees. So I knew that I had to up my game in my campaigns and I went online which worked very well for me.

I remember how boring voting online for the award was. In this era of expensive bundles and slow internet speeds, I had to give people reasons to vumilia till they got my vote cast. So I made a campaign showing people how easy and faster, convenient, fun and prudent it was just to vote for me than to do anything else. Of course, I expected that it goes well.I stayed late at night designing the posters, crossing my fingers that the plan works.

But they surpassed my expectations. It ended up going viral. So now I was getting votes not only from my fans but also from people who barely knew me.


They said,” We will vote for you because you are funny.”

I was really impressed.

That ended up with the campaign causing a stir online. Shares, clicks, likes..I could swear some must have printed them and hanged in their homes. Votes were streaming in fast thanks to my loyal friends.

On the day of the event I was at work during the day. we came home late afternoon. Before I could take a shower and get prepared to go for the event it was already 5 o’clock (No wonder bae calls me slay king) 🙂 🙂

So my squad showed up at my place. 13 of them. All dressed up. We took two cars and drove top the venue. The traffic was unbearable. We got there around 7:30 pm and landed on the back seat. Not good!


Well now I have the award and all I know is that it’s going to be a hard task trying to maintain this position.  But I intend to tell as many stories as possible, the best way I can. But more so, I want to use this opportunity to mentor others.

Thanks all for voting for me. This is not just my award but I dedicate it to you all.


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