I had a full conversation with a baby. We are all here trying to make her laugh and smile for the pictures.And here are her reactions and words. (niskie mtu akisema ni fake)

baby 1

Skintone ni ya mum. Rangi ya Thao. (dad ni Rangi ya Mia)

baby 2


baby 3

Okay. You all are Tryna make me laugh. Order! Ooorder!

baby 4

Hey. I like that. Repeat….Hey. I like that. Repeat….

baby 5

Okay. You tried hard enough you deserve a good smile back.

baby 6

Mtu wa picha if you don’t take this pose forget it!

baby 7

Uncle Willy’s assistant thinks he’s funny. I’m laughing at the struggle.

baby 8

You guys are just a funny lot!

baby 9

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